Academic Publications

Refereed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

2021 (co-authored with Federico Andreotti, Didier Bazile, Marco Echevarría) “Squaring the Circle through Backcasting: Envisioning Future Governance and Storytelling Strategies for Biocultural Products in the Andean Rural Landscape of Peru” Journal of Rural Studies (expected February 2021)

2020 “Imagined Futures for a Neglected and Under-utilized Crop:  Quinoa’s Unrealized Development Potential as a Boundary Object” A chapter for Critical Approaches to Superfoods, Bloomsbury Academic. Forthcoming; expected publication December 2020.

2020  “Superfoods in Motion” An introductory chapter for Critical Approaches to Superfoods, Bloomsbury Academic. Forthcoming; expected publication December 2020.

2020 “Finding the ‘Lost’ Crop of the Incas: the politics of traditional food ‘revalorization’ in the quinoa boom” in Andean Foodways ed. John E. Staller, Springer.

2021  “Mapping the Multicultural Nation: The Spatial Politics of Difference in Peru’s Gastronomic Boom” A chapter for Shaping Natural Regions: Capitalism, Environment and the Geography of Post-Colonial Peru, University of West Virginia Press. Forthcoming; expected June 2021.

2019  “Creating the Culinary Frontier: A Critical Examination of Peruvian Chefs’ Narratives of Lost/Discovered FoodsAnthropology of Food, 14.

2016  “Nutrition Politics in the Quinoa Boom: Connecting Consumer and Producer Nutrition in the Commercialization of Traditional Foods” International Journal of Food and Nutritional Science 3(6)-1-7.

2015  “Miracle Foods: Quinoa, Curative Metaphors, and the Depoliticization of Global Hunger PoliticsGastronomica 15(4): 70-85.

2015  “The Co-constitution of Neoliberalism, Extractive Industries, and Indigeneity: anti-mining protests in Puno, Peru:” The Extractive Industries and Society 2(1): 112-123.

Edited Volumes and Special Issues

2020 Critical Approaches to Superfoods, eds. Emma McDonell and Richard Wilk. London: Bloomsbury Academic. Manuscript accepted; expected publication December 2020.

Book Reviews

2018  Review of Steeped in Heritage: The Racial Politics of South African Rooibos Tea. By Sarah Ives. Journal of Political Ecology.

2017  Review of Consuming Identity: The Role of food in Redefining the South. By Ashli Quesinberry Stokes & Wendy Atkins-Sayre. Food, Culture & Society 20(4): 731-733.

2016  Review of The Psychology of Overeating. By Kima Cargill. Gastronomica 16(3): 117-118.

2015  Review of Transgressions: Making Sense of Contemporary Food Politics. Edited by Michael Goodman and Colin Sage, Gastronomica 15(2): 84-85.

2015  Review of Food, Farms & Solidarity. By Chaia Heller. The Graduate Journal of Food Studies. 2(2), 45-46. Electronic document


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