I have worked with students at diverse stages of the education system: as a volunteer ESL tutor for elementary school students at the Monroe County Public Library’s Centro Comunal, as a food systems educator at Watsonville High School through UC Santa Cruz’s Program in Community & Agroecology, as a Research Grant Proposal Trainer and Consultant for graduate students at the Indiana University GradGrants Center, and as a undergraduate instructor at Indiana University, Butler University, and, most recently, at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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I began honing skills in college-level teaching through the Indiana University Anthropology Department’s pedagogy course in 2013, and further developed skills in designing and leading college-level courses for diverse student bodies through an course from the Center for Integration of Teaching, Research and Learning. In Indiana University’s Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning’s Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship Program I am currently experimenting with creative teaching techniques and learning about the research on the most effective pedagogical practices.

I am trained to teach introductory anthropology courses, social theory, critical food studies, environmental anthropology, economic anthropology, anthropology of development, and Latin America-specific courses. I also prepared the following specialized courses: “Cultural Politics of Biodiversity,” “A Cultural History of Bioprospecting,” “Global Indigeneities,” “Food Security in Global Perspective,” “Sustainable Commodities,” “Institutionalized Food,” “Reimagining Sustainable Development,” and “Miracle Foods: the Cultural Politics of Healthy Eating.”

Please find selected syllabi of recently taught classes below.

Anthropology of Sustainable Food (Spring 2020)

Cultures of Latin America Syllabus (Fall 2019)

Intro to Cultural Anthropology (Fall 2019)

Anthropology of the Environment (Spring 2019)


And some assignment samples.

Podcast Assignment (Anthropology of Sustainable Food)

Ethnographic Observation Assignment (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology)

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